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Polygonal 3D stained glass FLORA

Polygonal stained glass windows made by the masters of the KUTENGLASS concept studio for the interior project of the FlorAсlub concert hall in Chernivtsi. The uniqueness of this stained-glass window is its almost eight-meter length and the use of three-dimensional forms that translate this stained-glass window from two-dimensional to three-dimensional perception. The stained glass screen…
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Window to the bathroom

A stained glass window in a bathroom is a great way to add natural light and elegant design to this space. This solution creates an atmosphere of comfort and luxury in the bathroom. Вітражне вікно у ванну кімнату - це чудовий спосіб додати природне освітлення та елегантний дизайн до цього приміщення. Така рішення створює атмосферу…
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Stained glass partition

a stained-glass partition is a decorative structure used to divide space indoors and create an aesthetic effect using glass and metal, wood or other materials. It can have different shapes, sizes and designs, and is often used to create dividing walls, partitions between rooms or to decorate windows or doors. Stained glass partitions usually include…
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