- KUTENGLASS Concept - in Kyiv

КУТЕНҐЛАС_сучасний вітраж

The KUTENGLASS Concept modern stained glass studio in Kyiv is the author's studio of Ukrainian artists Denys and Tetyana Kutniakhovy and is a reliable provider of a full range of services, complex stained glass solutions for creating new author's stained glass objects and even the most complex restorations.

During the studio's creative experiments with light-transmitting materials such as glass and acrylic, as well as metal, its own author's style and technique in creating stained-glass objects was formed, which was patented under the name KUTENGLASS™. A feature of this technique was the creation of three-dimensional stained-glass sculptures and art panels using several levels of glass. This is how the first works of the "WATERCOLOR series" appeared.
The basis of the idea of this technique is the use of glass in a three-dimensional form. Glass of various textures, colors and shades are located at different levels, at a measured distance from each other, creating the effect of depth and volume.

" Magic process - passage of the SUN beam through stained glass, creating an atmosphere in the interior, enchanting glare and colored spots, moving along with the Sun through the window or door on the walls, floors, ceilings of your room. This is the Color and Light magic that you can let into your life ..." Denys Kutniakhov

Українські митці

Denys Kutniakhov is an artist, a member of the monumental and decorative art section of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine since 2010. He works on his own projects with glass in the interior, the creation of modern and classic stained glass, as well as the restoration of stained glass and mosaic works.
Tetyana Kutniakhova is a designer, a member of the Union of Designers of Ukraine. Specializes in interior design and object design.
For many years, the workshop created by Mykola and Denys Kutniakhov has been working on the development of new and techniques of their own artistic style, as well as on simple, constructive and ergonomic solutions for the use of glass in the interior.