The Modern Stained Glass studio KUTENGLASS Concept in Kyiv - is an award-winning provider of full service, complete stained glass solutions for new stained glass works creation and even the most challenging restorations.  With a talented staff over the KUTENGLASS Concept can meet even your most demanding wishes.
We have the resources and know-how needed to give your job special attention, regardless of the size and complexity of your project.

Magic process - passage of the SUN beam through stained glass, creating an atmosphere in the interior, enchanting glare and colored spots, moving along with the Sun through the window or door on the walls, floors, ceilings of your room. This is the Color and Light magic that you can let into your life. The third-generation stained glass artist and designer, manages all facets of the production, installation, repair and protection of architectural stained glass. This skill, and he knowledge stained glass history of makes he uniquely qualified, with he skilled assistants, to continue the work of he predecessors in stained glass.

Denys  Kutniakhov

the founder and creative director of the Kiev studio - modern stained glass the KUTENGLASS Concept - a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Tetiana  Kutniakhova

the founder and designer artist of the Kiev studio - modern stained glass the KUTENGLASS Concept - a member of the National Union of Designers of Ukraine.

Our work is unique to each client and our designs blend the various styles and traditions of stained glass with the special needs of each client.

We frequently solve workmanship concerns while maintaining the light through the choices of glass with texture and tints. Modern, contemporary, traditional, folk, conceptual, abstract, realism. We can go in any direction with our glass to compliment the architectural and interior design components of your space.

We will work with you to totally customize your art glass experience from design to installation. If you would like to make an appointment with the KUTENGLASS Concept or further information please -  Contact us