• Window to the bathroom

    Window to the bathroom

    A stained glass window in a bathroom is a great way to add natural light and elegant design to this…

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  • Stained glass sculpture “autumn flowers#2”

    Stained glass sculpture “autumn flowers#

    One of the first experimental designs of Denys Kutnyakhov in the so-called "WATERCOLOR series". Stained glass sculpture "Autumn flowers#2" The…

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  • Stained glass ceiling for Barbershop

    Stained glass ceiling for Barbershop

    Stained glass ceiling - chandelier, in the new Kyiv Barbershop Frisor The use of Frisor signature style and Art Deco style…

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  • Stained glass window ” TOWN “

    Stained glass window ” TOWN “

    Atmospheric stained-glass window " TOWN ", which has an interesting plot and thematic component. Stained glass is designed as a…

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  • Stained glass partition

    Stained glass partition

    a stained-glass partition is a decorative structure used to divide space indoors and create an aesthetic effect using glass and…

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  • Stained glass in a classic interior

    Stained glass in a classic interior

    A door portal with a stained glass panel. Colorless textured glass created a very subtle atmosphere in this story stained…

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  • Stained glass painting “Grape pickers”

    Stained glass painting “Grape pick

    The stained-glass painting "Grape Pickers" is made as an integrated stained-glass panel with LED lighting in the interior of the…

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