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Art Deco chandelier

Stained glass accent lamp in a brass frame, above the stairs. Designed for the office, construction company "ArchBud", as a replica of the previously created lamp "SONCEVID" in 2015. |
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Stained glass ceiling for Barbershop

Stained glass ceiling - chandelier, in the new Kyiv Barbershop Frisor The use of Frisor signature style and Art Deco style created a unique atmosphere in the brutal interior of this Kyiv Barbershop. Вітражна стеля – люстра, в новому київському Barbershop Frisor Використання фірмового стилю Frisor та стилю Ар-деко створило неповторну атмосферу в брутальному інтер’єрі цього київського…
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