Portfolio Tag: Тетяна Кутняхова (Мельник)

Stained glass in the attic window

The play of the sun in the refractions of the faceted faces of the stained-glass window creates many iridescent reflections in the middle of the room, the attic floor in the ancient building of Kyiv. The author of the project is Tetyana Kutnyakhova (Melnyk) The drawing is based on stylized peony flowers, a symbol of…
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Stained glass window ” TOWN “

Atmospheric stained-glass window " TOWN ", which has an interesting plot and thematic component. Stained glass is designed as a visual screen-window in the guest room, multi-story house. The idea was to create an artistic atmosphere in the room, closing the interior space from external urban views from the windows of the room. Stained glass…
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Stained glass in a classic interior

A door portal with a stained glass panel. Colorless textured glass created a very subtle atmosphere in this story stained glass panel. An interior sculpture paired with a stained glass window from the KUTENGLASS concept stained glass studio (author's sketch by Tetyana Kutniakhova-Melnyk) added romance to this modern, classic interior. Дверний портал з сюжетним вітражним…
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