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Stained glass window in Op-Art style

Stained glass interior window in Op-Art style. Made by stained glass workshop Kutenglass Concept based on a sketch by the Ukrainian artist - monumentalist Denys Kutnyakhov in 2020. The concept of the project was to create an optical illusion, a three-dimensional space. The bright gamut of the stained-glass window energetically enhanced the three-dimensional impression of…
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Stained glass art in the front door

When creating this project, not only the modern textured glass, but also the unique pink agate in the center of the stained glass composition, as an accent that translated this stained glass into a true Art-Object | При створенні цього проекту застосовано не тільки сучасне фактурне скло, а і унікальний рожевий агат в центрі вітражної…
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Stained glass in a classic interior

A door portal with a stained glass panel. Colorless textured glass created a very subtle atmosphere in this story stained glass panel. An interior sculpture paired with a stained glass window from the KUTENGLASS concept stained glass studio (author's sketch by Tetyana Kutniakhova-Melnyk) added romance to this modern, classic interior. Дверний портал з сюжетним вітражним…
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