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lamp – Light Ball

Lamp "Light ball" developed by Ukrainian designer and founder of the KUTENGLAS concept workshop Denys Kutniakhov Lamp "Light ball" executed in 2019 by the KUTENGLASS concept studio in joint collaboration with the design bureau DKD project.com for the interior project implemented in 2020. Світильник "Світлова куля" розроблений українським дизайнером та засновником концептуальної майстерні KUTENGLASS Денисом…
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The designer lamp “Eye of God RA”

This author's lamp is called "Eye of God RA". In ancient Egyptian mythology, RA is the god of the Sun. This design work allegorically symbolizes that every lamp in our homes, be it a small lamp, a chandelier or even a spotlight, is a human prototype of the heavenly Sun. The lamp is one of…
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