Вітражна Ротонда

The stained-glass window "song in the sky" and a number of author's, stained glass lampshades painted by SONCEVID ™ masters in 2016.

Became an accented ornament, vintage barbecue designed by DeKaDesign © in architectural form - Rotunda.
Stylistics and decorating the interior belongs to the artist of the monumental and architectural designer Denys Kutnyakhov.
Inspiration in this project took place on the background of the creative heritage of the world-famous Ukrainian artist Maria Priyamachenko
The exhibition, which took place at the time of designing the building in the artistic arsenal of Kyiv | www.soncevid.in.ua

Стеля вітражна «Журавлина пісня в небі» та ряд авторських, вітражних Бра світильників, виконаних майстрами SONCEVID™️ у...

Опубліковано Soncevid TM 18 листопад 2017 р.

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